You can enter the program here if you have purchased an entry code.


Bam, the Kids' Wizard is a computer program based on Kids' Skills, that helps children overcome problems. The program is aimed at children aged from 4 to 12 but even teenagers and adults can benefit from a consultation with Bam. The conversation with Bam takes 30-60 minutes.

For a child to use the program he will need an adult to assist him, to make sure he understand Bam's questions and to help him answer them.

Bam first gets to know the child, then asks about the bad habit, or fear the child wants to overcome, and finally helps the child create a plan to solve the problem.

There are two versions of the program, one in which Bam helps children get rid of bad habits, or behavioural problems, and another in which he helps children conquer fears and worries.

To run the program, you need a computer with loudspeakers so that you can hear the sound effects of the program, and a printer (preferably a colour one), in order for you to be able to print out the letters and the certificate Bam produces to the child at the end of the conversation.


Let Bam walk you through the two programs. Read these instructions before you use the program.


The program is available on CD but it can also be accessed over the Internet, in which case you will need an entry code to use the program.

To find out about how to order the CD or how to purchase entry codes, visit the Helsinki Brief Therapy Institute WEB-SHOP of or call us at +358-9-436 2556. We speak English and we are open from 8 am tp 4 pm. Helsinki is two hours ahead of London time.