Kids' Skills for Parents and Teachers
A parenting program developed by Dr. Ben Furman, the author of “Kids’ Skills:
playful and practical solution-finding with children” and "Kids' Skills in Action"

Session topics

The topics for the five sessions are:

1. Praise
How to become better at praising children.

2. Influencing
How to talk to children so they will do what you want them do.

3. Collaboration
How to become better at collaborating with the other adults who raise the child with you.

4. Problems
How to help children overcome problems and difficulties using the principles of Kids' Skills.

5. Wrongdoings
How to teach children responsility instead of just punishing them.

The goal of the Kids’ Skills for Parents and teachers is to offer parents and other carers of children practical tools for dealing with the daily challenges of child rearing and to familiarize them with the basic principles of solution-focused psychology as it applies to parenting.

The program is based on the same principles as Kids' Skills, a solution-focused method for solving children's problems developed by the author and his colleagues.

Target group
The course is designed for parents, teachers and other adults who raise children aged three and above, including teenagers.

Very little lecturing, mostly exercises, small group discussions and home work assignments. The course is a lot of fun and the feedback from participants has been overwhelmingly positive.

The program can be offered, for example by schools, counselling centres, clinics, social agencies, and various organizations caring for the well being of families and children.

Five sessions each lasting about two hours. An additional follow-up session can be organised for evaluation and celebration.

Group size
The group size can vary from a few people to a large audience.

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