Solution Stories

Ben Furman

Three books for children and parents
to inspire problem solving at home

These three picture books are stories of children finding solutions to common problems. Solution Stories are designed to be read together by parents and children to help them talk about the problem, and to inspire them to become creative in finding solutions.

The stories are written by psychiatrist Ben Furman, the main architect of Kids' Skills, a solution-oriented approach to solving children's problems. The illustrations are by different Finnish artists.

The stories are availabe in Dutch and can be downloaded as pdf-files at the Webiste of Pica Publishing house.

Solution Stories 1: Nigel's Nightmares

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Solution Stories 2: Linda Tames Her Tiger

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Download in Dutch


Solution Stories 3 - Dan did wrong

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This is a story of a school boy who gets caught having stolen a sum of money from his father's drawer and about how the family, after an initial shock, finds a way to deal with the incident in a constructive way. The book was published in Finland in 2002.

These books have so far been published in Finnish and Norwegian. Solution Stories 3 is also available in Swedish. Foreign publishers interested in publishing these books are advised to contact the author Dr. Ben Furman directly.