See this 20 minute YouTube video as an introduction to Kids’Skills.

Subtitles available in 20 languages!


Kids'Skills App

Multilingual mobile handbook of Kids’Skills. Download from AppStore or Google play for phones or tablets. Read about common children’s problems and learn how to approach them with the help of Kids’ Skills.

the front page of the Anxious Andy worry buster prorgam

Anxious Andy Worry Buster

An experimental program for adults to use with children in which you can pick worries from a list and give them to Andy and then pick helpful thoughts from another list to help Andy overcome his worry. The app also allows you to give your own worries to Andy and then think of a thought that will help Andy get rid of your worry. Click the image to access the app.

the front page of the Anxious Andy worry buster prorgam

Witty Winnie and Savvy Sammy

Check out this app! Winnie helps younger children and Sammy older children to learn to respond to name-calling and verbal bullying in a smart, witty or silly manner. Click the image to access the app.


What is a certified Kids’Skills Coach?

Kids’Skills Coaches have completed a certified training program and are capable of working with children to help them overcome diverse challenges as well as guiding parents and professionals to use this method with their own children, or the children they work with.

Where can I find a certified KS coach?

Helsinki Brief Therapy Institute hosts an international directory of certified Kids’Skills coaches, but the intention is to gradually move to a system where the representative in each country will host their own local directory.

How do I apply to become certified coach?

Participate in an accredited Kids’Skills training program and complete the mandatory assignments. See instructions at Helsinki Brief Therapy Institute Certification page. Online training also available. Find out more at Kids’Skills Academy.





Click the image to read the story of Nigel who found a way to overcome his nightmares



Click the image to read the story of Linda who found a way to overcome her tantrums



Click the image to read a story of Dan who found a way to reconcile after snatching money from his father



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Where to find these books? If you go to Ben Furman’s website
and open the books tab, you will find all his books listed there
with information about the publisher and where to buy them.


Solution-focused parent training

A fun Kids’ Skills inspired parenting course for parents, grandparents and educators consisting of five sessions.

Topics include praising children, getting children to listen, collaborating with other caregivers, using Kids’ Skills at home, and positive alternatives to punishment.

Where to find a trainer?

Helsinki Brief Therapy Institute hosts an international directory of certified Kids’ Skills for Parents facilitators.

How to become a facilitator?

There are training programs in many countries. Contact the Kids’ Skills representative in your country to find out more.


A solution-focused  method for helping children, and young persons, to take responsibility for their wrongdoings.

Available in English, Finnish, Swedish, German and Spanish.

Based on the principles of restorative justice.

Visit the Steps of Responsibility website to learn more.

Go to Steps of Responsibility website



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