A collaborative, evidence-based, solution-focused and playful class-wide program for elementary school classes to improve the atmosphere of the class and to ensure that teachers enjoy they work.

All videos have subtitles in multiple languages. Make sure to turn subtitles on and to change to your preferred language.

1. The teacher introduces the program to the class and the pupils make a decision to take the challenge.

2. The pupils apply from the principal permission to enter phase one of the program.

3. The teacher divides the class into SKILLS TEAMS, consisting of 3-4 pupils who will help and support each other in learning skills.

4. The class picks a skill – out of a list of six basic classroom skills – they want to learn or become better at – as a class – by supporting and helping one another. This phase lasts for 2-3 weeks.

5. Having passed phase one, the class can apply from the principal permission to enter phase two.

6. In phase two each child picks one skill – out of a list of 22 personal skills – that they will learn, or become better at, with the help and support of their skills team. This phase lasts for 3-4 weeks.

7. Once the pupils have learned their skills – or pupils have made substantial progress – the class can apply, from the principal of the school, to get the Skilful Class Certificate which is given to them in a celebration that they have planned together with their teacher.

The program offers suggestions for skills to learn. Each skill comes with an image and a short and clear definition that children can understand. There are six basic classroom skills and 22 personal skills. The card set is available in English and German.

Click the image below to access the webshop of Helsinki Brief Therapy Institute to order your copy of the Skilful Class card set. Comes with detailed instructions and illustrated self-evaluation forms for children.

This is the way the certificate looks like that the class will be awarded when they finish the project.